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In His Presence #12 – That I may be blind.

“And since I could not see because of the brightness of that light, I was led by the hand by those who were with me and came into Damascus. “Acts 22:11 English Standard Version.

Those that have truly encountered the LORD Jesus posses a powerful testimony, it’s not that they can see but are rather blind. The greater the encounter, the more severe the blindness.  The deeper the penetration of Light, the more fatal the wound, the higher the chances of one staying blind.

It’s almost impossible, to encounter the glory of the LORD and remain with sight of the world and be able to applaud what it has to offer. The Light of our LORD blinds and it blinds indeed. Blindness is the beginning of authentic spiritual growth, for its when we have been blinded by His Light that we are able to walk with Him, to see as He does, feel what He feels and love unconditionally.

Only the blind is willing and eager to be led. It’s at this point that we are eager to put our hands in His hands and allow Him to lead us by His Spirit wherever He chooses. The greater the measure of blindness the more one is willing to trust. Its then that we are inclined to fully depend on Him. What then should our prayer be? That we are struck by Him to the point of absolute blindness by His Light to the degree that we are unable to ever regain our sight or desire the pleasure of it.

Partial blindness leads to partial death and a partial revelation of the Son of God. This gives one the option of being partially spiritual and fleshy. This is a dangerous place to be for any believer.

The consequences of natural sight are deception which makes it hard for us to trust Him and keeps us alive to the world and quite responsive to its pleasures. One who hasn’t met the LORD remains alive to the world but dead to Him. The effects of blindness are the exact opposite. It takes away the beckoning of the flesh and the world altogether.

God would rather your blind. Its only then that you are truly able to experience perfection in Him, walk in faith and experience the beauty of His person. For with the natural eye, we are unable to comprehend Him or even come into contact with His glorious Presence. That no flesh should glory in His Presence.

It’s when we are blind that we are desperate for Him, thirsty for more of Him, hungry for His Word and are eager to seek Him deeply with all of our hearts. It’s after we arrive at this point that we reckon ourselves completely dead to the world.

Absolute blindness is the consequence of relentless encounters with His Light. Absolute blindness leads to absolute death to everything else but Him. Until we are absolutely dead, then we can’t reckon ourselves to be alive in Him.

Here is your Prayer Path

Dear LORD, that I may be blind to the world and its pleasures. In Jesus Name. Amen

Your Friend,

Pastor Mark A. Odeke


Mark Odeke Ministries