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Meet Mark and Tatenda

Mark is a Prophet with a healing ministry. He preaches an uncompromising message of God’s unconditional love inspiring thousands to a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. As a creative communicator, Mark remains committed and passionate to teaching the unchanging word of God, and his relationship with the Holy Spirit is tangible.

Through his regular Prophetic & Healing meetings called Fellowship with the Holy Spirit, Mark teaches the uniqueness of our relationship with Christ and the Holy Spirit in our day to day life. He continues to teach and preach the message of God’s life-saving and miracle-working power of the Holy Spirit.

He also carries out Large open-air evangelism meetings called World Healing Missions all over the world, drawing hundreds of thousands to receive Jesus as their personal savior. He preaches the unchanging nature of Jesus and the power of the Son of God to both save and heal as one and the same payment covered by the atoning blood of Jesus. “Whosoever shall call upon the name of the LORD shall be saved” Romans 10:13

God has been faithful, He has accompanied and continues to accompany the word that Mark preaches with great miracles of healing, signs and wonders. In his meetings, the lame walk, the blind receives their sight, the mute speaks, cancers, diabetes, liver, heart conditions all healed. Missing parts grow, the mad regain their senses. He believes Jesus is
the same yesterday, today and forever Hebrews 13:8 Miracles prove that Jesus is a live today and forever.

He believes people are more receptive to the gospel provided it fits within their current social and economic environs. That is why by the leading of the Holy Spirit he created a program called Salvation without Borders with the objective of taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people where they live, work and spend their time. Christ at Home, Christ at School, Christ at Campus, Christ at Work, Christ in Leadership, Christ on the Road. The approach is simple, Christ Everywhere.

As an evangelist, teacher, and the author of books including Prayer Path I, Prayer Path – The Discipline of Prayer, Reflections of Christ, The Secret Place, The Spirit of God, Gods Unconditional Love, A Journey of Faith, Obedience, 21 Laws of the Spirit and the daily devotional called The Daily Manna. He has purposed in life to help the body of Christ find a
personal relationship with God which he believes comes through knowing Jesus Christ and having a special relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Mark is married to Tatenda, a beautiful woman from Zimbabwe. She is a woman after the heart of the LORD, gentle, kind and loving. She is called as a Prophetess, waiting on the perfect timing of the LORD. Tatenda serves with her husband in the ministry and God has used them to bring salvation, healing and deliverance to many across the world.

Mark Odeke Ministries