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In His Presence #02

Comfort, comfort my people, says your God.

Isaiah 40:1

With each and every passing day, the news that’s coming is full of uncertainty. And yet even in the middle of adversity, the LORD your God says, Comfort, Comfort my people.

It’s hard to imagine that the world as we knew it has been brought to an abrupt stop and we have had to adopt to a whole new way of doing things. Who would have thought that staying home would be this hard considering the circumstances and your entire life totally suspended, including church that’s if you were part of it anyway!

We are living in the times when the days seem long and the nights even much longer, with kids at home, it doesn’t get any better. With suspension of civil liberties, and your neighbor in the exact same position you’re in or even worse, there is no place to run to for help except to the LORD.

Even this will end. Your supplies may be running low right now with no cash coming in and you can barely do much for your family, know this, we are in this together and most importantly, the LORD is right here with us.

In seasons of hopelessness and despair, the LORD says comfort my people. It will surely end. Let not your strength fail nor your hope waver, though sorrow may come in the night, joy will come in the morning and the LORD shall wipe away every tear from your eye and give you a fresh start.

Prayer Path

Dear GOD, I thank you for your word and thank you for comforting me during this season. I will hold on to your promises. In Jesus Name. Amen.


Pastor Mark A.O


Mark Odeke Ministries