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In His Presence #11 – He will do what you say.

So, tell them, ‘As surely as I live, declares the LORD, I will do to you the very thing I heard you say.’ Numbers 14:28

There are two kinds of Christians, those who chose to honor the LORD in their conversations, then those who only honor Him in their prayer closet. The first category practices an ancient tradition with its root in the word of the God, the second is equally old but was largely practiced by the pharisees and the modern-day believers seem to be caught up in the second wave.

A lot of emphasis is put on the prayer closet forgetting the daily routine where most of our conversations really happen. To do that is to confine the LORD to a mere place, forgetting that He is in our conversations. Once a word has left your mouth, chances are it will happen, it may not be immediately and perhaps it’s the reason why we are never keen on what we really say. Had it been the case, we would be more gracious, kind and prophetic in our choice of words.

God is extremely attentive when we go into our closet to pray, He loves it. However, He pays extra attention when we make declaration regarding our lives, destinies and everything else. Conversations, confessions, proclamations are a more prophetic way to pray because they come from a genuine heart of belief and words flow gently out of your spirit simultaneously without much effort from you. in other words, unlike prayer, you’re not trying to convince God. There isn’t thou, thee, thy in your conversations.

Those that have gone on to succeed started with simple conversations that turned into a belief and eventually an act. What you consistently talk about, you eventually believe. Until you say it, chances are you may never believe it. But there is also an easier way to self-destruct, that is with the wrong confessions in the conversations.

After the LORD had gotten the Israelites out of Egypt with such demonstration of power, they ended up self-destructing in the desert by making wrong confessions in the wilderness. In their moment of anger, they let some words slip out of their mouth before they had time to process them. They wished they had died in Egypt. They got exactly that. It wasn’t a result of prayer, but a confession within the conversation that got them nullified from the promise of the promised land.

Say it right. Don’t self-destruct with the wrong words, God is always listening to your conversations, even the silent ones you have in your heart. Chances are He will do to you what he has heard you say to His ear, that’s if He hasn’t already.

Here is your Prayer Path

Dear Father, I thank you for this revelation. Today I make a commitment to be careful with what I say especially the confessions I make. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Your Friend,

Pastor Mark A. Odeke


Mark Odeke Ministries