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In His Presence #09 – Don’t worry child

Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? Matthew 6:28

Here is a list of things that worry can do for you, It separates you from God, removes your eyes from Him and focuses them on you, puts a blanket over hope, raises a curtain over your dreams and gently whispers in your ear that its impossible. Holds your hand and leads you down the path of doubt, creates a mountain out of a mold and screams failure in your face.

Worry, sinks your shoulders, bows your head and raises your hands in defeat, opens wide the door of criticism and negative talk, replays every broken dream, magnifies your fears, reminds you of all those times when you fell short, and tells you that you’re not good enough.

It recycles your mistakes, draws attention to your humble background and boldly tells you, no one in your family has made it this far, neither will you. Despises your effort, pokes holes in your integrity, despises your hard work and ignores how far you have come. It makes you resent salvation and makes you question why you believed God in the first place.

It gives you an exit strategy, away from Jesus, surrounds you with walls of self-pity, fills you with self-condemnation, tears every bolt of strength left in you, terrifies your heart, makes you expect the worst, exalts problems, despises wisdom, condemns Godly effort, refutes promises in His Word, increases your impatience levels, magnifies your secret faults, quickly apportions blame, judges ruthlessly and covers you with a dark cloud of ignorance.

Celebrates your weakness, widens the door for criticism, attracts disease, takes away your appetite, draws depression close to you, buries your head in the sand, fixes your legs in the mad, numbs your hope for tomorrow, increases your anxiety, decreases your expectations, diminishes your  faith, redirects your strength, quenches the fire of the Spirit within you.

Reduces your concentration, takes away your sleep, denies you rest, increases your heart rate, pushes you to the wall for real quick options. Squeezes you in a corner, entices you to borrow, makes it sound fancy to lie, refuses to believe, supports laziness, expounds excuses, blames everything and everyone except self.

In the end, worry is sinking sand and that’s why the LORD would rather you don’t worry. Now you know its way more baggage than you had initially imagined.

Ditch the thing. It’s not worth it.

Here is your Prayer Path

Dear LORD, now I know what worry really is. Thank you, in Jesus Name. Amen

Your Friend,

Pastor Mark A. Odeke


Mark Odeke Ministries