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In His Presence #14 – The path to His Heart

Rather, He made himself nothing by taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness. And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to death— even death on a cross! Philippians 2:7-8 NIV

There is a pathway to the heart of God, our LORD Jesus found it, its buried deep in the rubbles of humility, dressed in rugs of lowliness, mercy, meekness, kindness, tenderness and empathy, few have found it.

Humility will choose others over self, sees others as better than self, keeps its head down, never raises its voice in public, doesn’t draw unnecessary attention, never partakes of His Glory, knows its boundaries and its limits. Refuses to focus on other people’s weaknesses and instead looks to their strength.

Understands authority and submits without reservations or preconditions, is honest enough to acknowledge when they don’t know, is willing to be taught, most of all, allows to be led, never assumes authority until it’s granted and isn’t ashamed to be identified with the LORD. Humility wears garments of purity, reverence, and the fear of the LORD. Renounces compromise doesn’t tangle with hypocrisy, foolishness, ill temper, short sightedness’, impatience, pride, deception, ignorance and above all a foul mouth that so easily defiles and grieves the Holy Spirit.

It is gentle at heart, finds its worth in the LORD and is willing to obey even to the point of death, looks to God and depends entirely on Him. Quickly recognizes when in the wrong, acknowledges mistakes, owns up and doesn’t blame others for their own faults. Is patient with others not on the same level, assumes responsibility for others, never abandons those entrusted to him. Humility is content with the LORD at all times, trusts His judgment and timing. Easily submits without reservations. Fears to be in the wrong, and trembles at the Word of the LORD, doesn’t scoff at prophecy, recognizes and honors the anointing and those who stand in service of the LORD, refuses to join the scoffers in criticizing the LORDS anointed.

Never forgets where the LORD has brought Him from, holds on to the promises of God without wavering, is committed to the call and the purpose of the LORD. Has a burning desire to honor the LORD in every way and is mindful of others along the journey of salvation. Chooses his words carefully lest they ensnare him, isn’t afraid to believe God for the impossible, easily let’s go of hurt and is never deprived of hope.

Attracts honor, shares the same path with, diligence, integrity, righteousness and wisdom. Makes a cautious decision to be blameless before God and Man. Above all, considers its self-nothing, worthless and of a low position. Despises itself and is willing to strip even lower, most of all, doesn’t rise in defense of self, chooses not to fight when wronged, stands still in the face wrongful accusation, persecution and silently suffers criticism.

In the end humility is nothingness. It is the path to His heart; it moves Him and draws His attention. May you choose to be nothing in His Presence.

Here is your Prayer Path

Dear Father, I choose humility, I choose to be nothing so that out of my nothing, you can make me who you want me to be. In Jesus name, Amen.

Your Friend, Pastor Mark A. Odeke FWTHS –

Mark Odeke Ministries