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In His Presence #04

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

Proverbs 3:5

Deep within the heart of every man is the inclination to depend on self and away from the LORD. It starts as a whisper in the wind, then a simple thought, then eventually becomes a vivid picture in the mind worth pursuing.

God has bestowed considerable wisdom in the hearts of men, enough to tell the difference between good and evil and yet the simple but lethal trap of dependence on self has dragged, slowed and even destroyed many in the body of Christ.

The question is, why have almost all of us fallen for the trap of self-dependence? The answer is equally simple and two-fold, One, we consider it harmless to trust in our own effort, then we never truly know how to differentiate between Accrued blessings and deferred blessings.

Accrued blessings are often mistaken as reward for effort and diligence while deferred blessings are posted on the account of persistence instead of the account of Gods faithfulness. In the end it makes it hard for one to fully trust in the LORD or even tell the difference of not.

Those that have walked down the path of trust in the LORD understand the rules and they are quite simple, its either you trust Him or none, until He moves, you stay put, When He stops, you go no further. Until He speaks, you make no commitment and neither do you commit Him to a matter without His consent. When He says no, let it go. When He says Yes, don’t procrastinate. His name isn’t a rubber stump to plans void of His will.

Prayer Path

Dear LORD, bring me back to you, to the place where I start to trust in you and not myself. In Jesus Name. Amen.

In Him.

Pastor Mark A.O


Mark Odeke Ministries